Ways To Elevate Sexual Health

To improve sexual health, one must understand the causes and symptoms of poor sexual health. There are various causes of poor sexual health which consist of physical as well as mental reasons.

The Most Common Symptoms Of Poor Sexual Health:

Loss of libido: although it is not expected from a 40 year old guy to have sex daily, but it is not abnormal for a guy of any age not to want to have sex anymore. Lack of sexual desire is one of the most common sign of poor sexual health. Many times men feel that they don’t want to have sex because they are tired or blame monogamy, but the cause lies somewhere else. Lack of sexual desire has been tied to physical as well as mental causes. Poor hormone levels, poor diet, lack of exercise as some of the physical causes of loss in sexual desires. Mental causes include performance anxiety, self-doubts, and chronic fatigue.


Poor Erections: Loss of adequate erections or limp erection is a telltale sign of poor sexual health. This means that blood is not getting properly circulated through the body and this is taking its toll on the quality of erection. For a strong erection and the erection to stay hard for time enough for a satisfying sexual intercourse, your penis needs adequate amount of blood. Also, level of testosterone plays a role in quality of erection. Poor erections are a sure sign of low level of testosterone.

Loss Of Control Over Ejaculation: Premature and involuntary ejaculation is another most common symptom of poor sexual health. When muscles near and in our penile region receive less blood, only few of them are activated during sexual intercourse. This is one of the major reasons of poor control of ejaculation. To improve control over ejaculation, maximum muscles and cells must be activated during sexual intercourse.

How To Improve Sexual Health:

Lifestyle changes:

Introduce a decent diet plan and exercise routine.

Limit alcohol consumption and smoking.

Sleep early, atleast an hour before sunrise.

Meditate. Get rid of mental baggage, as much as you can

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Always choose natural supplements. Or better yet, make your own supplements. All you need is a recipe which some of the powerful aphrodisiacs that will boost sexual health in a safe and significant manner. Artificial supplements may sometimes act quicker, but the often come with side effects and dependency issues.

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